Frekler (also known as Sergey Frekler) is a techno (with echoes from dark progressive, industrial and acid) DJ & music producer.

Sergey was born in 1984 in Kazan city (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia).

From an early age in the 1990s he gives the concerts of classical music as a pianist and became interested with electronic music.

He started his DJ activities in 2001.

For the next years Sergey has engaged his DJ career, hitting the hometown/touring audience with their non-standard sets with an unusually assertive and fat sound.

A unique approach to music and his skilful incarnation helped Sergey to connect the energy and power of techno music with the hard sound of the masterpieces of rock music, and for the first time in Kazan (and not only in Kazan) in 2003 at the rock festival he was played the special techno-industrial music set. It was a great event and, of course, affected the future of musical stylization of his performances.

Since 2004, together with well-known DJ OM he represent the Ozone Channel radio show, which has existed since 1997, and is one of the first radio shows about night club culture and electronic music in Russia. It founded by the famed OzonePro production team.

In 2005 Sergey was nominated «for contribution to the development of club culture of Kazan» at the annual Kazan club awards «DPA» (Dancing People Awards).

Frekler always been a special supporter of the underground scene. He was also a guest at one of the best underground techno night clubs of Russia, in legendary «TUNNEL» club (Saint Petersburg) (sadly it closed now and forever) with awesome festivals which was promoted by famous DJ & producer Van Nosikov and others.

Sergey discovers the new horizons and actively promotes techno music in the media and dance floors. He is mainly engaged in studio work and Ozone Channel radio show in his hometown now.


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25 Nov 201811pm–12am102.8 FMListen
23 Dec 201811pm–12am102.8 FMListen

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